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The following points, regulate and define the Privacy Policy on the use of the website (from now on referred to as “website”) belonging to Mobipatri Ltd, headquartered Rua do Pinhal no 6, Store B and C Malveira with the NIPC 509 417 663.

The user knows and accepts, in its entirety, the Privacy Policy of this website.

A) All information provided in this “website” worth the safety and security of it. The “Mobipatri” does not guarantee and is not responsible for any eventual omission or inaccuracy verified the contents of this “web site”. We reserve the right to update or correct the information provided by this “website” or make any improvements and / or changes in the products and / or content contained in the “website”, at any time and without notice. We will use every effort, in a reasonable manner, to implement proper techniques to prevent the spread of viruses or other harmful program. Anyway, given the structure of the Internet and the speed of your evolution, we can not guarantee that this “website” is free of any virus infection, or other, that can contaminate or destroy any property. You shall make regular copies and backup’s to your data before making any connection to the internet, and you should install effective antivirus means, thereby avoiding any inconvenience, loss or malfunction of equipment or and their electronically stored data. THEREFORE, ACCEPT NO RESPONSIBILITY, DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY, FOR ANY LOSS WITH ORIGIN IN THE USE OF THIS “WEBSITE”, BEYOND NOT accept ANY LIABILITY FOR DAMAGES WITH ORIGIN IN TECHNICAL PROBLEMS INCLUDING (BUT NOT LIMITED TO) THE UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS TO OR ANY ERRORS IN MADE IN ANY OPERATION “WEBSITE”.

B) Data contained in this “website” (including, without limitation, the information, the texts, images, logos, sounds and any other data, in general, from now on called By “data”) and even the “Web site” are subject to the laws of intellectual property and Databases. The User can make downloading any of the content only for your internal use, provided to meet the standards of copyright or proprietary and non modify or change. You may not extract, reuse, reproduce or modify the contents wholly or partly, to publish or for any commercial purpose without our prior consent. If such consent is not requested and obtained, we reserve the right to use all legal means at our disposal. The User accepts all responsibility for use of contents in this “website”, as well as all rights in relation to third parties.

C) All trademarks and logos contained in this “website” are the intellectual property of value and “Mobipatri”. The use or reproduction of any content, brands and logos is not allowed, under any circumstances, without the prior consent of “Mobipatri”, or third parties possessing the intellectual property of the same. Nothing in this “website” will be built to grant you any rights to the content contained therein.

D) Any hypertext link created with this “website” or reuse of all or part of some contents of this “Web site” (eg, the design of this “website”), will be subject to our prior consent, which may be revoked at any time without notice. We reserve the right to question the removal of any link to this website, which has not been approved. Certain links in this website do link to websites operated by third parties. These websites are not under our control and the presence of these active links does not mean our confirmation in relation to their contents. We can not be held legally liable for the content of those websites which can be accessed via hypertext link to this “website” or any other link, because they are independent of the website of Undo-Debt Recovery.

E) When using this “website”, can be automatically installed on your browser files called cookies. A cookie is a small file that is not intended to identify the users of the site, but to store information on the use of “website”, you are given the ability to decline cookies. The non-acceptance of the use of cookies or automatic browser configuration for refusal of cookies may prevent you from viewing certain content.

F) Protection of Personal Data In User quality can make your free registration, providing some personal details in this “website” and may then access the information of such personal data, whenever you need, allowing you to modify or correct the personal information you provided us with through registration in own “website”.

  • Personal data requested in the “website” through the Contact Request:
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If You wish to cancel your personal data and therefore your registration just for this purpose, send us a message via email to: or by letter addressed to the Real Estate Heritage Mobipatri-Management SA, Rua do Pinhal nº 6, Loja B and C , 2665-263 Malveira.

G) personal data of Use. The “Mobipatri” only use your personal data to communicate in a personalized way, I can, in order to present the content, products and services that best fit your user profile.

H) We reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions of Use at any time. Use of this “website” means you accept, without limitation, the terms and conditions prevailing.

I) These Terms and Conditions of Use are legislated by Portuguese law. The local jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim relating to the use of this “website” shall be the forum of the Lisbon West District, Judicial Court of Mafra.