Terms of Service

The following points, regulate and define the terms and conditions on use of the website: www.undocredito.pt (from now on referred to as “website”) belonging to Mobipatri- Property Management SA based in Rua do Pinhal nº 6, Loja B e C Malveira, with the legal person identification number 509 417 663.

The User acknowledges and accepts in its entirety, the website Terms of Service .

A)  The basis of data Mobipatri- Heritage Property Management SA (hereinafter abbreviated as “Mopipatri”) is duly licensed by CNPD- National Data Protection Authority, and the related activity with its management, maintenance and access , governed by the applicable law and the terms of such license, under the supervision of the National Data Protection Commission-CNPD.

B) The information provided is SUBJECT TO CONFIDENTIALITY OF DUTY, and are intended solely to entities that request and only for the purposes of their business or activity.

C) Any information provided may not be reproduced, disclosed or transferred, in whole or in part, the consideration or not, to third parties, including the entities to which the information relates, except with the prior written permission of “Mobipatri”accordingly. Violation of the provisions of this paragraph shall be the sole responsibility of the client for damage or loss suffered by the “Mobipatri”, its employees or third parties.

D)  Subject to legal stipulation or court order to the contrary, “Mobipatri” is not required to reveal the sources you used, which are protected by professional secrecy obligations.

E) The “Mobipatri” reserves the right not to provide information and / or to demand the return of the information support that has been provided.

F) For all legal purposes, the client states have had access and become aware of these terms and conditions when requesting information to “Mobipatri” if linking, without reservation, to its contents.

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