And on the fourth day, Portal of Finance back the talk

And on the fourth day, Portal of Finance back the talk

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  • April 5, 2016

This time the problem has to do with the costs of real estate.

The delivery of the income statement ripped earlier this month but many are the doubts that have arisen. Taxpayers are some difficulties in filling the tax return.

One arose due to charges of mortgage loans interest, in advancing TVI. The taxpayer did not see the amounts to be automatically transported to the electronic declaration.

However, the president of the Tax Workers Union (STI), Paul Ralha explained to News By Minute taxpayers do not need to manually fill in the part related to real estate, this is because “the amount of interest is pre-filled but not visible, nor effective in the declaration. ”

“Taxpayers have to go to the field 7 of Annex H and fill the property for the data to respect the loan,” he says, adding that this “is a matter labyrinthine and complicated” something that should be simpler.

For Paul Ralha, “this should be intuitive” but “not only is not intuitive as it is complex and has missing information.”

The portal of Finance was created to assist taxpayers in completing the declaration. However, were “spending five million, resources and efforts were not concentrated to make it simple and intuitive.”

“We were expecting that after the promises about the system of e-invoice would become more transparent. After all, is becoming more complex. Handing the IRS has been a simple thing,” he adds.

Paul Ralha also believes that there are many errors that may appear however.

The News Minute to tried to contact the Ministry of Finance but by the time of publication of this news could not get a reaction.