Get ready, here comes a strong rise in fuel prices

Get ready, here comes a strong rise in fuel prices

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  • April 19, 2016

Prices will return to hikes from Monday. Increase will be higher in diesel, found the Economy.

Fill the tank back to get more expensive from Monday. The main gas stations, the price of a liter of diesel will rise to 3.5 cents, while the price of gasoline will cost three cents per liter, according to industry sources. Movements that will lead the prices of petrol and diesel for maximum August and October last year.

posts of prices with hypermarkets, which have won many fans with escalating fuel also follow market trends. “The trend next week will be to a price increase on all products.” Here, “the increases should be around two cents for petrol and three for diesel.”

This is because the prices of petrol and diesel in international markets increased 11% and 7% in the last week, with the weekly average price of the metric ton worth 426 euros and 310 euros respectively, according to Bloomberg data. Since the beginning of the month, the’diesel ‘already appreciated 14% and gasoline jumped more than 37%. Earlier this month, the average price of the metric ton of diesel worth 290 euros, while the gasoline cost 310.

Rising fuel prices also reflects the appreciation of the ‘gold-black’, which from the beginning of April already appreciated 15%. But the euro recorded a weekly loss of 1.2%, which aggravates the effects of rising fuel prices for European consumers, as the raw materials are traded in dollars. For all this next week, “the rise in prices at the pump will be higher than usual,” he anticipated the Economic source sector.

The reference price of a liter of petrol in Portugal is currently 1,432 euros while the diesel worth 1,151 euros, according to the Directorate General for Energy and Geology (DGEG). Quotations may however vary in filling stations, since the price fixed network also takes into account the level of competition, supply and demand in each market and the level of fixed costs of each post.

Data DGEG also show that the price of gasoline in Portugal will be slightly higher than at the beginning of the year when it cost 1,363 euros per liter. But the diesel will be worth seven cents than at the beginning of January, when each liter cost 1,089 euros.

The last Brussels report shows that after taxes, the average price of gasoline 95 octane practiced in Portugal is the highest fifth throughout the European Union. More expensive than in Portugal only in, Holland, Italy, Sweden and Denmark. But the diesel ranks sixth in the ‘ranking’ of the 28 countries of the EU.

The same data show that in Spain, for example, the price of gasoline is 1,135 euros. That is, there is a difference for Portugal 30 cents per liter. For diesel, the differences are of 0.182 euros per liter. A liter of fuel costs 0,976 euros in the neighboring country.

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Gasoline (s):

- Intermarché de Vilar Formoso – 1.259€

- Jumbo de Coina – 1.288€

- Jumbo de Castelo Branco – 1.288€

- Jumbo de Aveiro – 1.288€

- Distrigandara Supermercados, de Marrazes – 1.288€

- Intermarché de Vila Real de Santo António – 0.989€

- Rede Energia de Vila Real de Santo António – 0.989€

- Jumbo de Aveiro – 0.992€

- Distrigandara Supermercados, de Marrazes – 0.992€

- Pingo Doce de Tondela – 0.993€