Sofia Pais, the youngest mayor in the country, want to stretch budget with sponsorships

Sofia Pais, the youngest mayor in the country, want to stretch budget with sponsorships

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  • March 9, 2015
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Sofia Pais’s 16 years old, attends the 11th year of economics at the secondary of Santa Maria da Feira, and was elected the youngest mayor in the country in the project Young Mayoral, created by the local council to promote the participation of young feirenses in policy youth and involve them in decision-making.

This Wednesday, Sofia has the first working meeting at the meeting hall of the city council building at three in the afternoon. The welcome will be given by the President of the local authority, Emidio Sousa.

Sofia has a term of one year and a ten thousand euros budget to manage. “It’s very little, but we are here to find solutions and we will ask for sponsorships to companies,” added the PUBLIC. A student 16 years or below Economics when the secondary end and so it makes accounts to try to stretch the money that will come out of the public purse.

For projects, the mayor has several ideas in my head. “We want to create scholarships for good students and to those most in need. In summer, we can create a project with volunteers for two weeks, for example, paint walls and clean some areas, “he says.

Create talent contests is also a possibility, but Sofia want, first, listen to the companions of this journey. “I will listen to my colleagues, we have to analyze various subjects and see what proposals are viable,” he says. Beside him is James Belinha 15 years, first as councilor and with powers of representation, and Rafaela Silva 14 years, as a second councilor and third most votes in the election which saw a 57.2% stake – the 6726 students voters, 3682 voted in nine basic schools of 2nd and 3rd cycles and secondary county.

Parents Sofia won the election in the premiere of Young Autarch with 424 votes. He took office on Friday, before the meeting of the municipal assembly, and warned that this would be only “the beginning of a great challenge.” “We are able. Let’s make the fair the best county in the world, “he warned. The young mayor takes ambition. “I know it’s a big responsibility. I am passionate about the Fair, I have a strong will, and I want the county is in fact the best in the world. ”

In the swearing in Sofia received a statement where you will register your experience of a year as mayor and which will be delivered the next young man who wins the elections in the second edition of the project, following the same procedures of the local or parliamentary elections. Students must submit an application, prepare the election manifesto, campaigning, distribute propaganda, participate in discussions.

In the debut year, the Young Mayoral reached the maximum number of candidates, ie 21 students, 12 girls and nine boys, aged 13 to 17 years.

The president of the Fair Board, Emídio Sousa, highlights the participation of high school students. “It is an extraordinary batch of feirenses. I was surprised by the capacity and the quality of our young people, “he said on the day of inauguration. “Today is very fashionable to say evil politicians, confused the tree with the forest. Political activity is a noble activity and young people should not be afraid to meddle in politics, “he added.